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New Narva
New Narva

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Part Plan

The main reason for the commission of a detailed plan of the 30,3 hectare Kreenholm property is to divide it up into 67 lots, alter the use of the land and determine building rights. The plan will provide solutions for maintenance, landscaping, access, parking and the renovation of all technical systems.

The vision for the area featured in the detailed plan is to develop it into one of Narva's biggest centres during the next 20 years; including residential housing, various centres providing entertainment and culture (art gallery, concert hall and conference centre), a science and technology park and shopping.

The area for which the detailed plan has been drawn-up is the historic site of the Kreenholm Manufacturing textile mills. This is a unique, culturally and historically significant landscape on the banks of a beautiful river. The objective is to preserve what exists and provide additional new-found value to the entire area. The distinctive feature of the plan is that Heritage Board demands must be met since the buildings of the former textile mill have been designated as a common preservation zone with heritage specification in effect according to preservation legislation. Also requiring extra attention are the canyon and river escarpment of the Narva River valley, a wildlife preservation area.

Ülar Mark, architect with Allianss Arhitektid (formerly Urban Mark), creator of the majority of the plan:
"It was necessary yet complicated to find the balance of a suitable mix of retail and residential buildings to fit in alongside older, existing buildings. It's like preparing a good meal which requires a precise amount of everything – small exclusive apartments on the island with a view of Russia, townhouses by the canal, high-rises, plus various retail requirements – entertainment, a concert hall, shopping, hotels, a swimming pool, history museum, offices, etc. General parking is being designed so that a pleasant environment will be ensured. This is a relatively unique project in all of Estonia: the capacity of the structures and historic environment requires great investments in a location which does not fall into the parameters of average real estate business."

Four 20-storey buildings are planned for the area, of which 3 are residential and one a building designated for business. The remaining structures are foreseen as having a maximum height of 5-storeys. Cultural landmarks within the area of the detail plan are due to be preserved, renovated and will continue to be maintained and used according to the laws set by the Heritage Board.

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